Lead Generation

Targeted and Effective Lead Generation

Email Answers has the answer to the age old question, “How do I find customers to buy my products or services?”

It starts with a strategically based lead generation program, with empirical means of measuring your success against preset goals and objectives. Our lead generation experts will assist you with developing, designing, promoting and delivering your content. This is an exclusive service to Email Answers customers, and is available to organizations of all sizes.

Email Answers lead generation encompasses a world of information about consumers, products, advertising and trends that leads to smarter, more intelligent marketing.

Email Answers makes lead generation intelligence possible by finding and analyzing new and existing sources of information to give marketers a fuller, more robust view of the marketing universe. It does so by deploying technology that mines data for insights of consumer opinion and real-time trends to aid and sharpen market research, advertising campaigns, product development, product testing, launch timetables, promotional outreach, target marketing and more.

Email Answers offers a suite of solutions that help marketers gain the insights and intelligence they need by understanding consumers’ opinions in whatever formats they exist – internal or on the Internet, structured or unstructured, random or ordered.