Idea Development

Do you have an idea for a product, service or concept that you feel people will love, use and get great benefit from? Do you feel you have a concept that will entertain, be useful, will solve problems? What do you do with it next? How does one go about developing their idea and make it into a reality? Does this idea have merit? Is it worthy of spending time and resources to bring it to market?.


Email Answers can bring your ideas to reality. Whether you want to develop a website, mobile phone application, or a software program that caters to an unmet need in the marketplace, Email Answers will guide you through a seamless process from idea generation to product execution. Our team works diligently to reduce the time it takes to turn ideas into development projects. Intellectual property and patent issues are considered.

Website Development

Are you the type of person with a creative appetite but lack the technical expertise to promote your idea to the millions of people worldwide who might benefit from it? Our experienced staff of professional designers and website developers have the tools to build a custom website to your specifications to give your idea, product, or service the online exposure necessary to reach the growing number of Internet users on the lookout for the next creative solution that will make their lives easier. Why keep your idea hidden within the confines of your own imagination? Email Answers is here to make your idea come to life through an online forum that is easily accessible by users worldwide.

Application Development

In the midst of this technological revolution, individuals demand information FAST and they demand it NOW. With the growing popularity of smart phones, consumers are looking for applications on their mobile phone for instant information and instant entertainment. It not only takes the mind of a creative genius, but a team of market analysts and technology experts to develop an application available for iPhone, Android, and Symbian devices. Don’t let your creative idea for a mobile application die prematurely because you lack the time, energy, or knowledge to make it available to smart phone users. Let us help you say, “Yes, there’s an app for that.”

Software Development

Think of the millions of software programs that are sold throughout the U.S. and internationally. Have you ever been frustrated with the functionality or design of software programs that you use on a daily basis? Do you have an idea for a software program that will trump all other software programs available in the marketplace? Email Answers employs industry professionals who are entrepreneurs in software development to help you bring your home or business software solution to life. Email Answers will translate your idea into a software program that is not only user friendly and aesthetically pleasing, but highly profitable.

Here is our process that we go through to ensure successful product execution:

  • Environmental Scanning – We thoroughly analyze the economic, political, social, regulatory, and technological factors that will influence the success of your idea in the marketplace.
  • Situational Analysis – We determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that might help or hinder acceptance of your idea by your target market
  • Idea Screening – We eliminate any unsound ideas and extract those that have market and profitability potential
  • Business Analysis – We analyze industry sales, market trends, manufacturing costs, competition, profitability, and growth potential associated with the development of your idea
  • Beta Testing – We produce a mock-up and conduct preliminary testing to determine any adjustments and improvements to be made based on customer feedback
  • Idea Implementation – We introduce and launch your idea in the marketplace so that it aligns with your objectives, goals, and mission statement and evaluate its success throughout the product life cycle.

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