Guaranteed Opens Email Marketing Program

Email Marketing – Your Message Delivered

You only pay for email we can deliver to the inbox, Guaranteed. No other email marketing company offers this type of email marketing service guarantee.

Email Answers offers a unique email marketing solution that guarantees your message is delivered to the user’s inbox and opened. Currently, we are the only email marketing company that offers this type of email marketing program with such a guarantee.

You may ask yourself why?

The answer is that we are confident in the extraordinary quality of our optin data and our ability to deliver your message to the recipients inbox. All of our email data is permission based and optin. Our lists consist of business decision makers or consumers who have made a purchase, filled out a lead form or done something online within the last 120 days and are all US based or worldwide, based on your preferences.


  • Guaranteed delivery to a users inbox.
  • Guaranteed to be opened by the end user, without images being blocked.
  • B2B or B2C optin email databases (US Based or Worldwide, your choice).
  • Email campaigns all fully Can-Spam Complaint.
  • Small to large programs.
  • Discounting based on volume.
  • Fast or slow delivery based on the capabilities of the company’s ability to handle the traffic generated.
  • One or more creative’s can be used to find the best deliverability and conversion results.
  • Real Time Tracking Links provided for sent, opens and clicks.
  • You use your chosen “from” name, message , subjects lines, and your email creative.


  • You only pay for email that is delivered and opened.
  • You are Guaranteed not to pay for email that is undeliverable, blocked or sent to the spam folder.
  • With live time tracking you can watch the progress of your email campaign.
  • Fast or slow delivery based on the capabilities of the company’s ability to handle the traffic generated.
  • Visible indicators in your tracking shows which parts of your Ad creative appeals to your audience.
  • The ability to tweak your creative and subject lines to find which variation gets the best results.

Email Answers offers one of the most successful, cost effective email marketing programs to bring new perspective customers and business to your website, the Guaranteed Opens Program. Anyone can send out thousands of emails in an email campaign in hopes that people get your message. With CPM (cost per thousand) email campaigns, you are paying for emails sent and don’t really know if your message is actually delivered at all.

To find out more about email marketing and Email Answer’s Guaranteed Opens Program, please call 561.826.6001 or Click Here.