Email List Cleaning and Validation Services

Understanding our Email Hygiene & Verification Process

Email Answers offers a service that will clean, validate and verify your existing email address database. Our email list hygiene service keeps your email lists up to date by identifying and purging bad, invalid, undeliverable, seed, honeypot, duplicate and BOT email data. Major benefits of our email list cleaning & email validation services include maximizing deliverability, avoiding being black listed or being labeled a “spammer” by ISP’s and black list owners, and reducing your overall marketing costs associated with your email marketing efforts due to bouncing emails.

How it Works – Our Procedure

Below is a detailed description on how our entire process works. There are 8 steps we use when cleaning and validating email addresses. You can also view our Infographic which will give you a visual flowchart of our scrubbing process.

  1. Duplicate Email: We remove duplicates, improperly formatted email addresses and syntax errors. (Duplicate removal is not provided when ‘Matching Service’ is ordered)
  2. Role Accounts: Removal of “Role Account” emails, such as: sales@, support@, info@, etc.
  3. Keyword Scrub: We remove words like spam, junk, abuse, etc. from the list of emails.
  4. Bounce File Compare: We’re continuously updating a list of 100+ million hard bounces and we remove these emails from the list when we run a compare. This includes emails which have sent a challenge response or requested removal.
  5. Complainers File: We compare our complainers file to the list of emails and remove any matches. We also remove emails if they are a member of Spamcop.
  6. Domains | Spam Traps: We compare and remove any spam seed, BOT, honeypot, black list or bogus emails/domains from the list of email address domains. The list we own and maintain is about 156,000+ domains.
  7. Throwaway, disposable email addresses: We remove all temporary, junk collector email addresses. These email addresses are usually implemented for a one time use to sign up or to bypass providing a valid, primary email address.
  8. Validate emails: Our proprietary verification software/system validates each email address in your database, to see if it is an address that can accept email. This is done through multiple servers with enhanced white listings in place with all major ISP’s. We connect to the email addresses mail server, as part of our validation process, but NEVER send an email to the recipient.

With all of the unknown variables that can play a role in email list cleaning and validation, we Guarantee the accuracy of our service will be 95%.

Once we have completed your order, we will provide you with a report showing all of the details of your email list cleaning and validation.

What does it cost?

Below is the CPM Pricing structure for this service. There are No Setup Fees. Our minimum charge for list cleaning and validation is $150.00.

Up To 75k $150.00
75k – 251k $2.00/CPM
251k – 501k $1.75/CPM
501k – 1MM $1.50/CPM
1MM – 5MM $1.25/CPM
5MM – 10MM $0.95/CPM
10MM – 20MM $0.85/CPM
20MM+ Special Quote
To use the Cost Calculator below, simply enter the total number of emails in your list and click calculate.
Cost Calculator
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CPM = Cost per Thousand

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