Email Marketing

Email Answers is a well known leader in the email marketing industry. In this day and age, Email Marketing remains one of the most effective ways to advertise on the Internet.However, as the usage of this method is expanding, it is becoming increasingly difficult to launch a successful email campaign. Today there are many regulations that form various boundaries on this form of marketing. In addition, there is a lot of competition that may minimize your exposure. Many businesses are finding it more difficult to keep up with the trends and want to turn to a professional for results. If you are among these people, you have come to the right place. We offer everything you need to optimize your email marketing campaigns. More details »

Guaranteed Opens Program

Email Answers offers a unique solution that guarantees your message is delivered to the user’s inbox and opened. Currently, we are the only email marketing company that offers this type of program with such a guarantee. You may ask yourself why? The answer is that we are confident in the extraordinary quality of our data and our ability to deliver your message to the recipient’s inbox. Our lists consist of business decision makers or consumers who have made a purchase, filled out a lead form or done something online within the last 120 days and are all US based or worldwide, based on your preferences. More details »

Email Marketing Software

Email Answers eList Manager is a web-based email marketing tool that enables users to create and manage email lists, create HTML/text email marketing campaigns and report on campaign effectiveness. Its simple web-based interface was created with the user in mind while still providing multiple advanced features. Email campaigns are fast becoming the most effective method of online advertising and email open and click rates are on the rise – especially for retail and catalog companies. More details »

Email List Cleaning and Validation

Email Answers offers a service that will clean and validate your existing email address database. Our email list hygiene service keeps your email lists up to date by identifying and purging bad, invalid, undeliverable, seed and BOT email data. Major benefits of this service include maximizing deliverability, avoiding being black listed or being labeled a spammer by ISP’s and black list owners, and reducing your overall marketing costs associated to your email marketing efforts due to bouncing emails. More details »


Purelist is a secure, real-time email list cleaning service that will scrub and clean your existing email address database. This email list hygiene service keeps your email databases up to date by identifying and purging bad, dead, seed, honeypot, duplicate, BOT and known undeliverable email addresses. We accomplish this by comparing your email data to the 100+ million email records we maintain in a variety of categories. More details»

Customized and Targeted List Management

Email Answers can set up and manage a program that will host, broadcast, and manage your e-mail marketing database and campaigns. Email Answers utilizes our own eList Manager Software solution to manage our clients e-mail lists and deliveries. Your e-mail database lists can be categorized by region, gender, age range, interest, etc. E-mail announcements are delivered to the “right” audiences. More details »

Managed Email Marketing Services

If you are in need of a turn-key, fully managed email marketing solution to take control of your email marketing campaigns on an ongoing basis, the dedicated team of professionals at Email Answers can professionally manage every step for you. Our managed email marketing services include the planning and development stages of your email creative, the execution and deployment of your campaign, managing deliverability, any unknown issue that might occur and the tracking and analysis of your results. More details »

Lead Generation

Email Answers has the answer to the age old question, “How do I find customers to buy my products or services?”
It starts with a strategically based lead generation program, with empirical means of measuring your success against preset goals and objectives. Our lead generation experts will assist you with developing, designing, promoting and delivering your content. This is an exclusive service to Email Answers customers, and is available to organizations of all sizes. More details »

Idea Development

Do you have an idea for a product, service or concept that you feel people will love, use and get great benefit from? Do you feel you have a concept that will entertain, be useful, will solve problems? What do you do with it next? How does one go about developing their idea and make it into a reality? Does this idea have merit? Is it worthy of spending time and resources to bring it to market? More details »

Public Company Promotion

Email Answers is an experienced, well managed marketing company that works with third party investors/owners who are interested in adding volume and increasing the price of a publicly traded companies stock. Whether you are a stock promoter or a third party investor looking for a stock investor email list, stock investors mailing list or a specialized, highly targeted marketing list, we have the capabilities to provide you with the most up to date and accurate stock investor lists that exist in the industry for your stock promotion campaigns. More details »