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What is Email Verification or Validation?

Email validation or verification is a service used to verify whether or not an email address exists and is valid and deliverable. Both of these terms can be used synonymously. During the process, multiple servers with enhanced white listings in place are used to connect to the email addresses mail server to ascertain the validity of the email address. At the moment that an SMTP response is received, indicating whether the email address is valid or invalid, the connection is dropped to ensure that an email is NEVER sent to the recipient.

What does the Email Validation Service Cost?

To use the Cost Calculator below, simply enter the total number of emails in your list and click calculate.
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Benefits of Email Validation

Having quality data is essential to the performance of an email marketing campaign. Maintaining a clean email list leads to enhanced deliverability, which will enable you to reach your target market successfully and maximize your ROI from your campaign. Being diligent and maintaining stringent quality control standards over your email data will improve your sender reputation and your relationship with all major ISPs to reap the full benefits of delivering you email marketing messages. The ability to connect with your loyal database of subscribers on an ongoing basis, without getting blocked or shut down by your ESP (Email Service Provider), will contribute to a healthy, long-term customer retention strategy.

Why Do Validate your Email List?

An email list that is collected over a period of time is often largely comprised of old, abandoned, or inactive email addresses. Email validation is used to avoid the adverse effects of sending to a bad mailing list in order to preserve your sender reputation. Acknowledging that email data is perishable and becomes inactive by the minute, ESPs are currently mandating that email validation is performed prior to mailing. Without a verified email list, your account could be banned or suspended due to a significant number of bounces, complainers, bad domains, spam seeds, and invalid email addresses.

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