Email Answers Case Study:



SMTP is a leading provider of cloud-based services to facilitate email deliverability that includes bulk and transactional email sending, reputation management, compliance auditing, abuse processing and issue resolution. SMTP provides customers with the ability to increase the deliverability of email with less time, cost and complexity than handling it themselves.

SMTP provides the technology and expertise to manage the sending and delivery of email marketing communications so inexperienced marketers and business owners don’t have to allocate the resources, time and expense of doing it themselves. Bulk email or high volume sending practices involving flow control, sender reputation, bounce and spam complaint processing are a critical variable that contribute to a company’s reputation as a legitimate sender and ultimately their success in reaching the inbox.

The Business Challenge

SMTP was unable to verify or validate the quality of a new customers email list. On occasion, new customers would sign up for SMTPs’ service with legacy email data or an email list that had not been mailed in some time. Furthermore, some customers would load their email data onto the SMTP Platform or use the SMTP Relay Service and receive an abnormally high bounce rate and/or an unacceptable number of complaints. SMTP wanted to find a way to work with these customers in order to continue being their email marketing and relay provider. In an effort to retain these new customers, SMTP needed a way to ensure any new customers email data was clean, valid and deliverable, prior to uploading it into the SMTP Platform or using the email relay service. This would catch and resolve any email data problems before they could occur.

The Solution

SMTP wanted to find a solution to help their customers validate and maintain their email databases, without asking them to incur a major expense in doing so. After an extensive search and due diligence period, SMTP chose to work with Email Answers. Email Answers 8 step email list cleaning and validation process removes known bad email addresses, domains and also validates each and every email address, without ever sending an email to the end user, to ensure that it is live, active and deliverable. All orders are securely processed online to effectuate a fast and easy turnaround. This enables customers to get back to mailing their data with minimal downtime.

Since SMTP will not automatically interrupt a customer’s email campaigns or deployment, as virtually all other providers do, SMTP is extremely careful to pre-screen for spammers.  Email Answers cleaning and validation service allows SMTP to do this with much less involvement and overhead, relying on Email Answers report and opinion to assist in making decisions about the quality of a customer’s email data and determining if a new customer can move forward with one of SMTP’s service offerings.


“Bounces and complaints are harmful for both our shared IP pool, and the dedicated IP addresses we provide to larger volume senders.  Thanks to Email Answers list cleaning services, SMTP can accept and now work with customers we might otherwise have turned away. Email Answers offers an excellent email list cleaning and validation service, exceptional customer care and is economically priced for both large and small mailers.

Identifying and addressing bounce and complaint problems can take a lot of time for our support staff.  A simple referral to Email Answers for their email list cleaning services dramatically reduces the bounce issues that our customers face, reducing the load on our support staff, while simultaneously boosting our customer satisfaction rate. Email Answers service greatly enhances our customers experience with SMTP and assists in fostering long term relationships.”

Ron MacDonald
Director of Sales

The Results

Referring SMTP customers to Email Answers has been a welcome enhancement and allows SMTP to retain a larger percentage of their customer base. SMTP now see’s their customers coming back and uploading email lists that are much cleaner, getting better deliverability and their customers are happier. Customers now have negligible bounce rates which get rid of the headaches involved with complaints, hard bounces and the threat of tarnishing the shared IP pool.