Email Marketing Services

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Promote your Offer to our Optin Lists

Since Email Answers subscribes thousands of new users each day, this enables us to guarantee reaching a fresh base of potential customers with your email campaign. With a combined worldwide B2C and B2B database in excess of 100MM records, we can highly target your specific audience and deliver your message to their inbox.

Email List Cleaning & Validation

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Verify the Accuracy of your email data

Email Answers has a program in place that will clean and validate your existing email address database. Our email list hygiene service keeps your email lists up to date. Major benefits of this service include maximizing deliverability, avoiding being black listed or being labeled as spammer by ISP’s and black list owners.

Email Marketing Platform

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eList Manager Turnkey Solution

Email Answers eList Manager system is a web-based email marketing platform that enables users to create and manage email lists, create HTML/text email marketing campaigns and report on campaign effectiveness. Its simple web-based interface was created with the user in mind while still providing multiple advanced features.