Email Answers to Offer Free Real-Time Email List Cleaning Services to Nonprofits & 501(c)(3) Organizations

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BOCA RATON, FL: February 10, 2015 –, a leading provider of email list cleaning and validation services and managed email marketing, is announcing today the launch of its “Always Free Email List Verification for Nonprofits” program for charities, nonprofits & 501(c)(3) organizations. This free service will be offered through Purelist, a real-time email list cleaning web application.

Email Answers – Purelist provides a secure, real-time email list cleaning service – web application that will scrub and clean an existing email list. This secure, email list hygiene service keeps email databases up to date by identifying and purging known bad, dead, seed, honeypot, duplicate, spam seed, BOT, disposable and known undeliverable email addresses, as well as specific keywords, throwaway domains and complainers. Purelist accomplishes this by comparing customer provided email data, in real-time, to 100+ million email data records and domains maintained in the Purelist email database in a variety of categories.

Email Answers is committed to providing verified charities, non-profits & 501(c)(3) organizations use of Purelist for free, based on Email Answers determination and as required 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Account credits never expire. Purelist is capable of processing email lists up to 5 million records, per single uploaded order, and is extremely fast. A list of 100,000 emails takes only 30 seconds to complete, once uploaded. A full report is also provided with each email list cleaning order, as part of the Purelist application.

Email Answers also offers email list cleaning and validation service, which will validate the existence of every single email address in the customer supplied email database, without ever sending an email to the end user, and backs this up with a 95% email validation accuracy guarantee.

You can view a comparison of Purelist and Email Answers email list cleaning and validation service.

“Nonprofits and 501(c)(3) charities consistently rely on email marketing and newsletters, sent to their donors and contributors, to help fund their organizations and initiatives. If they can’t deliver their email messages, they’ll have a problem staying connected to their donor base,” said Serena Paul, Managing Director of Email Answers. She continues on to say, “There are a host of different variables that can play a role in delivering email marketing messages to a user’s inbox, with the most important aspect being the ability to send to a valid and deliverable email list and maintaining clean IP addresses and Purelist helps with both.”

“We designed and developed Purelist to meet an untapped need for an affordable, real-time email list cleaning web application that didn’t exist.” said Andrew Paul, CEO of Email Answers. He further stresses the importance and frequency of cleaning an email database by stating, “Approximately 2-3% of all email addresses change or are abandoned on a monthly basis. Therefore, if you maintain a customer database of 20,000 emails, over a period of one year, only 14,000 of those will be valid and deliverable by year’s end. Scrubbing your email lists of those people who have switched ISP’s, changed jobs or no longer use a previously created email address are removed from your database. The success and deliverability of future email marketing campaigns is dependent on it.” is an ESP and big data verification company that specializes in email list cleaning and validation services as well as email marketing and creative design services. Email Answers – Purelist and their email list cleaning and validation service enables companies to improve their marketing initiatives and increase ROI. Email Answers services consistently help to improve the senders IP reputation and email deliverability of small to enterprise-level companies, as well as nonprofits. Email Answers consistently helps customers achieve cost-effective solutions that combine innovative designs with powerful, functional technology.

If you are a charity, nonprofit or 501(c)(3) organization and would like to utilize Purelist to clean your email database, please email for details on getting started and verification requirements to qualify.


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A Comparison of Email Validation, Verification and List Cleaning Services

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We’ve all heard stories of consumers falling into the trap of buying products or services from a company online just because they offered the best price, they promised the best results, or they were the first company that popped up in your Google search results. If you are investing your hard earned cash to get a service delivered, making buying decisions on impulse may not be the smartest or most efficient way to go. Regardless of what service you need, whether it is what cable and Internet service provider to go with, what financing institution to choose from to fund your business, or what airline to book your next exotic vacation, it is always constructive to do a bit of comparative research before forking out your credit card information to the wrong hands. Some companies offer strictly the basic services with no “frills” included, while others deliver above and beyond consumer expectations.

Email list cleaning and validation is no different, and your ability to benchmark a company’s service offerings against its competitors in the industry will enable you to make an informed decision based on your individual budget limitations and performance expectations.

The comparison chart below analyzes the better known companies in this particular industry based on a variety of criteria, and will enable you to clearly identify how each fares against the other.


*If information was not listed on the perspective company’s website, a call was made to the company to obtain it. If the information is not listed in the chart above, this means the company does not provide or offer the specific service, the representative of the company could not answer the question, or a message was left on the company’s voicemail, if available, but the call was never returned.

Contrary to popular belief, cost is not the only factor in choosing the right company. A business that advertises itself as being the lowest cost producer in the industry will often over-promise and under deliver.

When doing your research before choosing the best email list cleaning and validation service provider, it is always a good idea to look them up online and take a look at the service reviews and ratings.

  • Are they listed with the BBB? If so, what is their rating?
  • Are the majority of online reviews positive, or do you have to sift through an overwhelming number of complaints to find a decent review?
  • When you took a quick glance at the corporate website, was it informative?
  • Does the information on their website address each of your questions in a detailed, well-written manner? Or does it look like the entire website was written in a foreign language?
  • When you called the company directly, were they helpful? Were you able to speak with a knowledgeable, experienced individual or did it sound like you were speaking with someone sitting in their underwear at their kitchen table?

For a complete list of both things to avoid and the questions to ask when searching for an email list validation company, follow the link.

Imagine the detriment to your bottom line if your lists end up in the wrong hands. Imagine the ramifications involved to your company’s credibility if, all of the sudden, your customers are being spammed with Viagra emails daily. Is it really worth it? Be very cautious when choosing a company to give your email database to which will provide these services.

In order to get the best overall picture of an email validation and list cleaning company, you must invest time into doing your research beforehand. Your subscriber base is, without a doubt, the most vital aspect of your business. Don’t jeopardize your company’s reputation, your valued customer data, and the future of your business by falling into the trap of disreputable email validation and list cleaning companies who fail to deliver on their promises.

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