Using Gmail Hacks Effectively

Published by: Erica Sanford    |   Category: Blog, Communications, Email Hacks    


Email Verification - Gmail Hacks

Gmail has a few hidden email hacks or features you should understand and use to your benefit. Dots (periods) and capitalization don’t mean anything to Gmail. Yup, all these email addresses below are the EXACT same email address!

These email addresses below are also the exact same email address.

Wait – The email addresses above have an additional word and symbol connected to it! Yes, Gmail now allows you to add a plus sign (+) to your original address and add a key word to it and it will STILL get delivered. This aligns with Gmail’s release of tabs in your inbox which sorts your emails into categories like “Social” and “Updates”. This way users can sign up for certain accounts such as twitter with the email address and automatically sort any messages from twitter into these tabs.

To target that address for automatic filtering:

-Go into Settings: Filters.

-Click on Create a new filter.

-In the “To:” field, type in the email address plus tag, such as

-You could do anything to your message through the filter, but I’d suggest checking the box next to “Apply the label:”

-Choose an appropriate label.

-If you already have messages at this address, you can have the filter apply to all previous messages as well.

Another way Gmail users are using this update is to see what companies use their email address. For example, if John Smith signed up for updates from one of his favorite restaurants using the email address and then starts receiving emails to that address from other senders, John would know exactly which company,  Burger Queen in this case, had sold, shared or distributed his email address.

Many sites still count addresses with a (+) as an invalid character in an email address but this is slowly shifting, as we are seeing more and more records that are processed through our email list cleaning and validation service containing different variations of the same addresses and the addition of keywords to an address.

Note: These rules don’t apply to Google Apps accounts. If your organization is using Google Apps, your email address is your email address, the dots count.