News: Email Answers Launches Purelist, a Real-Time Email List Cleaning Service Web Application

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BOCA RATON, FL: July 17, 2014 –, a leading provider of email list cleaning and validation services, has launched Purelist, a real-time email list cleaning service web application.

Email Answers – Purelist provides a secure, real-time email list cleaning service web application that will scrub and clean a user’s existing email list. This email list hygiene service keeps email databases up to date by identifying and purging bad, dead, seed, honeypot, duplicate, spam seed, BOT, disposable and known undeliverable email addresses, as well as specific keywords and throwaway domains. Purelist accomplishes this by comparing customer provided email data, in real-time, to 100+ million email addresses maintained in the Purelist email database in a variety of categories.

New customers can pay as they go or buy in bulk and save. The more credits purchased, the cheaper it is to use Purelist. Customers can use the service as needed and as required, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customer credits never expire. Purelist pricing is based on the total number of credits purchased per transaction. Customers can clean, in real-time, up to 10,000 email addresses for as little as $10.00 and the entire process will take only 5 seconds. Purelist is capable of handling email lists up to 5 million records per single uploaded order. A full report is also provided with each email list cleaning order, as part of the Purelist application.

Email Answers also offers an email list cleaning and validation service, which will validate the existence of every single email address in the customer supplied email database and backs this up with a 95% accuracy guarantee. You can view a comparison of Purelist and Email Answers email list cleaning and validation service.

Serena Paul, Managing Director of Email Answers comments, “There are a host of different variables that can play a role in delivering your email marketing messages to a user’s inbox, with the most important aspect being sending to a valid and deliverable email list. Purelist, our new real-time, secure web application provides a simple to use, low cost, affordable solution which helps to ensure you’re not sending to undesirable or invalid email addresses.” She continues on to say, “We designed and developed Purelist to meet an untapped need for an affordable, real-time email list cleaning web application that didn’t exist.”

She further stresses the importance of frequently cleaning your email database by stating, “Approximately 2-3% of all email addresses change or are abandoned on a monthly basis. Therefore, if you maintain a customer database of 20,000 emails, over a period of one year, only 14,000 of those will be valid and deliverable by year’s end. Cleaning and validating your email database of those people who have switched ISP’s, changed jobs or no longer use a previously created email for any other reason are removed from your database. The success and deliverability of your future email marketing campaigns is dependent on it.” is an ESP and big data verification company that specializes in email list cleaning and validation services as well as email marketing. Email Answers has achieved recognition for its award-winning DaaS technology for their email list cleaning and validation services, which enables companies to improve their marketing initiatives and increase ROI. Having recently launched a new private cloud infrastructure allowing for enhanced hardware utilization from 20 to 85 percent, while maintaining superior high-speed scalability on the fly, Email Answers has become the most reputable and reliable service provider to improve the IP reputation and email deliverability of small to enterprise-level companies. Email Answers consistently helps customers achieve cost-effective solutions that combine innovative designs with powerful, functional technology.



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