If You Can’t Make It Better, Hire Someone Who Can

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On a daily basis, I speak with SMB (small and medium business) owners, VP and C-Level marketing and advertising execs about email marketing. They are from widely diverse industries, both B2C and B2B, and want to understand why their email marketing isn’t performing to their expectations and generating better results. Since I’ve been involved in the email marketing industry since 1998 and Email Answers provides consulting services, is a managed email marketing service provider and involved in pretty much every aspect associated with email marketing, we’re their first stop when things are not going well.  By the time I usually receive that call, things are bad – really bad. I feel like Winston Wolf from Pulp Fiction. If you’ve never seen the movie or don’t remember who he was, he was “The Cleaner”. He is the guy who was called as a last resort, when all else has failed, and they need someone to come in and clean up the mess with surgical precision. Winston is a guy who solves problems – usually with brilliant, lucid thinking under pressure and a stylish charisma for galvanizing other people into action.

Once they come to the realization that they are in big trouble and need some help, we get the call. Every call starts out the same. “I need assistance in turning around our email marketing program to make it successful and profitable. Can you help me?”  The main cause of their pain is usually the same in every instance. The person running and managing their email marketing initiatives does not fully understand everything involved in making an email campaign successful. Email campaigns are not as one might imagine. Once the realization sets in of taking the email marketing task away from their receptionist, intern or web developer, they usually get the picture and allow us to help them build a successful email marketing channel that delivers a positive ROI. Where do we begin?  We usually start by analyzing every aspect of their existing email marketing program and provide the customer with two options.

Option 1: Email Answers will develop, design and implement a new email marketing strategy and plan, then train their personnel to deliver and manage it. The entire process takes about 3-4 weeks from start to finish. We also provide ongoing support and guidance when needed.

Option 2: The customer would turn everything over to us and Email Answers would manage their entire email marketing program, strategy and deployments. Most companies don’t realize all of the moving parts and pieces involved in a successful email marketing strategy and what it takes to ensure a positive ROI.

Making the decision, of which option is the right choice, isn’t an easy task. Although, when you understand everything involved in designing, developing, managing and running an effective email marketing program, you might be surprised when you put a pencil to paper and do the math.

Let’s take a minute to run the numbers. I will base this simple example on a medium sized company, for simplicity purposes only.

Option 1: To hire an intelligent, experienced email marketing manager, who actually knows what he or she is doing, will cost you a minimum of $60k per year. Then you have to add in whatever your ESP charges you for a turnkey email marketing platform, which includes bandwidth and IP addresses. For this example, we use a monthly rate of $2500 or $30k annually. Now you will need a graphic design person who can properly code email creatives and has the ability to design and build email ads that don’t get flagged as spam and actually make it to the inbox. You can add another $30k per year, for this person, to the mix. Don’t forget, you’ll need to add in Email Answers consulting services as well. We’ll conservatively add an extra $10k, which includes basic ongoing support.

Option 2:  Everything included above in option 1, but done more efficiently and on time by the expert staff at Email Answers.

Option 1 – Annual Expense: $130,000

Option 2 – Annual Expense: $60,000

Do I need to provide any additional information? Do I need to ask nicely or say “Pretty Please” or “Pretty Please with Sugar on Top”? I didn’t think so.

Is it time to get help? Are you ready for an outside perspective and expert opinion on why your current email marketing strategy is failing or not performing to your expectations? It’s as simple as picking up the phone and asking. We’ll be happy to review your entire program, free of charge, and let you know what we think.


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