How do I clean up my email list?

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Managing an Old or Outdated Email List?

So you have an email list of people you haven’t sent to in a while, a list you collected at a trade show, from another source or a number of smaller lists you have been collecting over time. Now what? What do you to ensure that the email addresses are still valid and deliverable? Before you load up the list and send it out through your favorite ESP (Email Service Provider), make sure you clean and validate your email list. Sending an email campaign to a list that you are unsure of is an easy way to get suspended or kicked off your ESPs platform. The reason for this is simple, IP Reputation. Most ESPs use a common block of IP addresses for the majority of their smaller customers. These IP addresses have a reputation. If everyone using these IPs sends to clean and deliverable email addresses, that generate very few bounces or complaints, the email sent will be delivered to the inbox the majority of the time. If you take your questionable email list, load it up and send out a campaign and receive a large percentage of hard bounces and complaints, your ESP will most likely give you the boot. This is because you are damaging the IP Reputation for all the other users on the same IPs and reducing the likelihood of everyone delivering their messages without issues.

Your ESP isn’t meant for List Washing

Thinking you can just take your old, unused or untested email list, load it up and pull the trigger, isn’t such a good idea. Most ESPs will see your high bounce rate and if you start generating too many complaints, will pull the plug on your campaign and show you the door. Taking shortcuts and trying to save a few bucks will most likely cost you more in the long run. Following the rules and implementing best practices when executing a successful email marketing strategy will be your best bet in the long run and bring in the highest ROI (Return on Investment). Enforcing a stringent and clear rule set, when it comes to your email marketing strategy, will go a long way and help you build a better and longer lasting overall marketing plan to increase your followers, clientele, business and sales.

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