The Dangers of Big Business Marketing For Small Business Owners

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Small Business MarketingBy nature, we all look up to and admire our successors. As we are constantly reminded of history’s tendency to repeat itself, we pay particular attention to the actions of our country’s great leaders in an effort to avoid unforeseen failures and mimic their success. What we hope to get out of this arrangement is obvious – we want to reap the benefits of being just as good (if not better) than those who have preceded us. We can blame this on Darwin’s theory of evolution and natural selection, in which only the strong survive and the weak are left choking on the dust left behind. Not all of us are going to embark on Robert Frost’s “road less traveled.” In fact, the majority of us are going to follow the yellow brick road until we reach our final destination.

I am not saying that imitating the strategies and decisions made by your successors is always a poor decision. Why wouldn’t you capitalize on proven strategies that have worked in the past?

However, in a business setting, you must always keep in mind that utilizing these “winning” tactics of successful entrepreneurs won’t always pan out in your favor. It can actually lead to your demise.

For instance, if you’re a struggling small business owner, I bet you’re too busy studying the marketing plans of Coca Cola or Apple to focus on the strategies that will work for you. Huge firms with highly-recognizable brand names have the ability to spend their seemingly unlimited marketing budget on costly marketing vehicles (television, billboards, print, etc.) to satisfy their goals of keeping their brand name alive.

Hats off to you if you think you can compete with the deep pockets and brand recognition of the major players of the game. It’s like trying to pick a fight with a bouncer on steroids. For those of you who know you don’t stand a chance competing on the same turf as our industry leaders, you have the opportunity to explore other marketing channels that are effective in introducing a new product or service to market and gaining mass exposure without having to wipe out your life savings in the process.

Large enterprises follow comparable sales models and advertise their message through similar marketing channels for a reason – because it works for the hierarchical structure that’s characteristic of all world-renowned companies. As small business marketers, you are not bound by the corporate structure and the overwhelming number of rules and regulations that tend to curb creative expression. You have the free will to promote your brand using any advertising medium you see fit to generate the highest return using limited resources.

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If you have a few minutes to read the related article, it quickly recaps the advantages of email marketing over other mainstream (yet costly) marketing platforms. Email has infiltrated lives of business professionals to the point of market saturation. In fact, if you don’t have an email address, people will start to look at you funny. To stay up-to-date on current email marketing trends, take a look at these 25 Interesting Email Marketing Statistics for 2013.

How can email marketing expand your small business?

With email now the “go-to” mode of communication between business professionals, you acknowledge its widespread appeal and it’s effectiveness in sending messages to your intended recipients. Having the ability to send your personalized advertisement to hundreds of thousands of users across the globe through large-scale email marketing, you effectively cut through the advertising clutter on the Internet and deliver your intended message straight to the source. By simply adding a landing page link within the image or the body copy of your email, you can easily capture leads directly on your website and continuously grow your email database. Also, unique real-time tracking capabilities enable you to sit back and relax while you watch your open and click-through rate rise and start to gain momentum.

Possession of a healthy email database is a goldmine in small business development. Effective communication with the leads captured on your website will lead to online sales and eventually, a loyal customer base – the cornerstone of success.

Business failure can be a hard pill to swallow. Don’t simply ride on the coattails of success without setting yourself up for disappointment. Rather, take your own path to business growth using one of the most revenue-generating platforms available.

Still unsure of how you can benefit from email marketing? Email Answers can help guide your way.  Contact us today to determine how email marketing can be tailored to your specific business goals.


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