Launches New Private Cloud and Expands Their Email List Validation Services

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BOCA RATON, FL:  September 27, 2013 – Email Answers has launched a new private cloud infrastructure designed to enhance their email marketing service offerings. This new cloud infrastructure allows for enhanced hardware utilization from 20 to 85 percent, while allowing for superior high-speed scalability on the fly. Email Answers’ Email List Cleaning and Validation Services are provided to assist ESP’s (Email Service Providers) and small to large companies alike experiencing poor deliverability and low email marketing campaign response rates due to invalid and undeliverable email addresses in their database. This new private cloud comes just 14 months from the last time the company doubled it server capacity on July 19, 2012. With the implementation and deployment of this new private cloud, Email Answers now has the ability to process in excess of 1 Billion email addresses per year for their clients.

Judging by the proven ROI (Return on Investment) generated from email marketing as a customer retention strategy, Email Answers acknowledges the importance of maintaining the integrity of email databases through the removal of hard bounces, habitual complainers, bogus domains, honeypots, spam seeds, and BOT email data. In an effort to improve the performance of email campaigns, Email Answers constantly invests its resources into adding new algorithms, procedures, and features to its email list cleaning and validation process as well as expanding its infrastructure server capacity to process double the number of orders on a daily basis. With a secure, PCI Compliant online ordering system in place, the ease of placing an order, paying for the service and uploading data has never been easier.

For those large marketers who aggregate and collect email addresses on an ongoing basis, Email Answers also offers a Preferred Partner Program to fulfill time-sensitive requests, with special incentives and first in line service, based on volume.

In response to the launch of their new private cloud infrastructure, Serena Paul, Managing Director of Email Answers, comments, “We are taking steps to continually improve the accuracy of our service. Our list cleaning and validation process has now become more extensive and advanced than ever before enabling us to ensure our 95% accuracy guarantee. With this new private cloud, we have the infrastructure in place to be able to expand on-demand and meet the needs of our growing market share and provide faster turnaround times for our customers email list cleaning orders. The ability to run our platforms in a virtualized environment, utilizing multiple servers running simultaneously with enhanced white listings in place from all major Internet Service Providers (ISPs), we are on track to process more than 1 Billion email addresses this year. Our preferred partners and long-term customers have acknowledged the benefits of email database cleansing, indicating a spike in inbox delivery and open rates. I am happy to invest in the infrastructure of to be able to handle the increased workload and customer orders.”

Email Answers is an Email Service Provider with extensive experience in strategy, marketing, data and email publishing. The company also specializes in Internet business development, data hygiene, email marketing, Internet advertising and lead generation. Email Answers consistently helps customers achieve cost-effective solutions that combine innovative designs with powerful, functional technology.

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