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What is Great Email MarektingJust as with anything in life, there is the good and the bad. Interestingly enough, sometimes the bad garners more attention than the good. Just look at all the train wrecks on reality TV. The only reason people watch is for the controversy, conflict, idiocracy and plain old stupidity that seems to be delivered hand in hand with each new show that hits the airwaves. Fortunately, email marketing is looked at very differently.  If you send an email marketing campaign or promotional email and it seems spammy, questionable, isn’t a great deal or is uninteresting, the delete button usually follows relatively quickly, if you’re lucky enough to make it to the inbox in the first place. Think about the email marketing you receive on a daily basis and how you deal with each one. What makes you decide to delete it, without even looking at it or taking the time to see what its all about?

What makes an email interesting?

Email marketing doesn’t need to be nor should it be complicated. On a daily basis, people are bombarded with all sorts of different promotions and advertising to try and sell them something. To grab someone’s attention your advertisement needs to stand out and be interesting. Take the time and effort to fine tune your offering and make sure the message is on target and to the point.  Be clear and concise in your message and don’t overload it with too many unimportant details.

3 simple steps to ensure your email campaigns are effective.

Below are some very important items to understand and build in to your email campaign deployment strategy.

1. Make your subject line short and sweet. Don’t try and overload or sell in the subject line. All you’re trying to accomplish is to peak the persons interest in what you are promoting or selling. Give them a reason to open your email and see what it is you are offering.

2. Take the time to design a well-crafted HTML email creative and make sure it looks professional and the message is on target. Obviously, check your spelling, grammar and ensure that all of your links work within the creative itself. Again, give the viewer enough information to make them want to click through to your website and see the full details of what your offer is all about.

3. Once they make it to your website, you need to make sure your website explains the details of your offering in simple to understand, plain terms without getting over-complicated – unless you are selling a technical service, and then make sure you explain every detail of the service itself.  Make sure your landing page is simple to understand and allows them to interact easily to either fill out your lead form or make a purchase without having to jump through hoops.

Email marketing isn’t as complicated as most people think. As long as you keep it simple and follow a basic rule set, you’ll be fine. Just make sure your message is clear, concise and keep it interesting.

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