Why Write a Blog? What are the Benefits of a Business Blog?

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I am new to blogging and was given the task of writing a blog that discusses the reasons and benefits of blogging, and why it is so important for your business. The first thing I did was check out some of the millions of blogs that scatter the internet. There are blogs about music, cooking, photography, and a myriad of other topics that individual blog owners want to discuss. Many times these blogs are connected to a business and the blog serves a purpose to inform consumers and potential customers about the services they offer and how they can use these services to better their businesses.

Do it Right - BlogSo, I found myself asking, what should someone who owns a business write a blog article about? Write about how your business connects to what is going on in the world. If you run an event planning company, compare your services to a famous event like the Oscars and discuss how your company could replicate certain aspects.  If you run an Auto Repair shop, write a blog about the newest hot car to hit the market and how your shop could service and enhance the features of the car. If you manage a marketing company, write a blog like this.

Writing a blog helps build your brand in so many ways. When a reader finds your blog through a simple search, your name resonates in their minds. This is a way to set your organization apart from the competition! I recognize many of my favorite brands from their blogs throughout the web. One blogger that I follow is “Copyranter” who writes for BuzzFeed about all things hilarious in advertising.  On Twitter, Facebook, and other various websites I recognize posts from “Copyranter” and it serves as a sub conscious reminder to check out other blogs on Buzzfeed. Not only am I relating a blog to a brand but I am building trust between myself and that brand.

Companies spend  tons of money on marketing every year but writing a blog is the best free advertising for your business. By posting a blog article at least once a week, your business will be indexed by the search engines, and this will help people find you, because of the fresh, unique content you write about. Not only do you get more search traffic to your site but you are helping people who may not have known what to search for, find your business by searching a few keywords that are in your blog. Helping others grow and expand their own organizations is an added benefit to posting helpful blog articles. These blog articles can then be linked to or re-posted many times all over the web through services like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn groups, and many other social media outlets.

All in all, the real question I have discovered is why not have a blog for your business? There are so many benefits and it is so easy to post and create a blog. You don’t have to make blogs a certain length or dedicate a chunk of time either, as long as you write about something that can help your business and others. Blogging can be fun too! It gives you a break from the norm to think, compare, and learn new things. You will even notice that you will think of topics to blog about just walking down the street, from a conversation, or a relationship.  After learning all these benefits I find myself ready to get into the world of blogging and I am excited to learn more and help others improve their businesses!

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