Managed Email Marketing for Dummies

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Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t make you a dummy. Learning the ropes when it comes to building a subscriber database and launching a successful email marketing campaign may seem intimidating, overwhelming, or flat out frightening. However, failure to leap into marketing your business through email comes at a price. Why let feelings of intimidation or lack of knowledge keep you from taking advantage of one of the most inexpensive, yet effective marketing platforms available?

You may have had thoughts about it, but have experienced reservations because you simply don’t know where to begin.

Let me start with a basic introduction on the benefits of email marketing.

  1. Long live the days of snail mail. Think about how long and how much money it would require to send a direct mail piece to 100,000 people. Now think about how long it takes to send an email. Need I go on?
  2. Because email marketing involves less collateral and less preparation than other avenues of marketing, you have the ability to mail more frequently. When you are perhaps limited to sending direct mail pieces once every quarter, you can mail your newsletter or promotional offer once a week, depending on consumer preferences and your business marketing objectives. This gives you the ability to increase subscriber engagement and maintain solid business relationships over the long haul. Acknowledging that your existing customers are your largest business asset, you must not underestimate the value of continuing the conversation to increase repeat business and referrals.
  3. With other types of traditional advertising, how do you really know whether the user is interacting or even viewing your ad? The great thing about email marketing is that you can track the number of people who have opened the email in their inbox as well as the number of people that clicked through to your website. Not only does tracking give you an understanding of how your message was received by members of your target audience, but it also gives you a basis for improvement. With the ability to send to separate control groups of email recipients using different subject lines, email creative offers, or landing pages, you can continuously track and monitor improvements over the long term to maximize the ROI from your email marketing efforts.

Email AgencyYou don’t have to feel like your stranded on a desert island with no help in sight. All newbies to email marketing have to start somewhere. We aren’t born with the knowledge of how to code an HTML email creative to ensure that is appears properly in all web browsers. Nor do we know offhand what subject lines will generate a large open rate and what subject lines will land you directly in the junk folder. Email Answers offers Managed Email Marketing Services which are geared toward those that have never entered this space and are hesitant to take on this opportunity without proper training as well as toward those who may have some experience, but simply lack the manpower to manage an ongoing email marketing campaign.

Partnering with an Email Marketing Agency that has years of experience under their belt to assist in every aspect of campaign management will enable you to create a seamless email marketing routine. A dedicated account manager will be assigned to you to facilitate every step in the process, from building and designing a custom, eye-catching email creative or template to delivering a real-time tracking link that functions as a live report of campaign performance. Working side-by-side with an expert in the field will enable you to avoid the downside of doing it yourself.

This may seem all good and well, but what if you don’t have an opt-in email list to send to? If this is the case, Email Answers aggregates and collects 15,000 to 20,000 fresh opt-in records on a daily basis of those who have requested to receive offers based on their particular interest. With an extensive B2C database of 88 million records and a B2B database of 26 million records, the question of a “shortage of data” becomes irrelevant. View a breakdown of our opt-in email marketing lists to get a grasp of your outreach potential to those that fall within your targeting criteria.

If you are brand new to email marketing but are hesitant to take the first step, leave it to the experts. We’re here to optimize campaign performance and become your partner in success.

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