Has Email Marketing Become an Afterthought?

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In the midst of a social media revolution, we have become obsessed with our Facebook and Twitter status updates, our +1’s, our “pins,” and our LinkedIn posts to gain a significant following and lock in new customers. Oftentimes, email marketing is left out of the marketing mix when, in actuality, it has the greatest potential to increase brand recognition and drive traffic to your website.

When I approach companies that have not even considered email marketing, the response is always the same. “My email list is too small to benefit from email marketing. I need to focus on growing my list before I consider investing in that platform.”

A common misconception when it comes to email marketing is that it is strictly used to market only to your existing customer base as a way to retain their loyalty and keep your brand name visible. However, first-party email marketing is just a small slice of the pie. A significant yet overlooked segment of email marketing involves marketing to third-party optin email lists to build your subscriber database, spawn website traffic, garner interest in your brand, and generate new sales . While these prospective leads have not been introduced to your company directly, they have subscribed to various offers related to your industry and have agreed to receive ongoing email promotions within their area of interest. It is simply a matter of finding a reputable and honest list owner who has collected and aggregated email lists that are strictly optin and who care about their subscribers receiving relevant messages.

The opportunities that present themselves with third-party email marketing are endless. First off, you have complete control of how your message will be perceived by your audience. You dictate the from name and subject lines, the content of your message, and the date of the send. Once the deployment has launched, you have access to a live tracking link to enable you to monitor the open and click through rates in real-time. Whether your goal is to increase sign-ups to your newsletter, drive fresh traffic to your website, or make immediate sales, you can be rest assured that you are optimizing your marketing potential using one of the most cost-effective, revenue-generating mediums available.

Legitimate third-party lists are often categorized or segmented by various demographic and psychographic criteria. Therefore, if you have an offer that appeals to women aged 50+ in the 150K+ income bracket living in Houston, TX, you have the ability to target to that specific audience. View the email marketing master file to get a grasp on your full email list targeting potential.

However, if you have a general B2B or B2C offer that has mass appeal nationwide or abroad, you would benefit from one of the most successful, cost-effective email marketing programs to bring new prospective customers and business to your website. With the Guaranteed Opens Program, you only pay for emails that are delivered to the inbox and opened without the images being blocked.

Due to its affordability and ease of use, email marketing has become a preferred method of marketing outreach to both existing and prospective clients. It offers businesses an opportunity to engage with individuals through a controlled medium using personalized, relevant content. Furthermore, integrating your email marketing campaign with your social media strategy will drive your SEO efforts and improve your organic rankings on major search engines. No other platform offers this level of viral marketing capabilities.

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One Response to Has Email Marketing Become an Afterthought?

  1. Phillip M. Garcia says:

    Both can appear fairly similar for marketing. Social media can be a great lead generation tool for small businesses but one cannot compare it with email marketing and the result it gives. When done property, email marketing can bring very handsome reward.