CMS ICD Application for Cardiologists to Determine Patient Eligibility for Implantable Cardiac Devices

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In response to the astounding percentage of inappropriate and non-compliant ICD, CRT-P, and CRT-D device implantations each year, Think Tank Medical has developed and released their CMS ICD Application, available for the iPhone & iPad to ensure that 100% of patients screened meet the evidence-based criteria for implantation.

The ICD (implantable cardioverter defibrillator) guidelines published by CMS (Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services) and utilized by cardiologists, electrophysiologists, and doctors nationwide to determine a patient’s eligibility for these cardiac devices are difficult to follow, even for the most experienced physician. Therefore, it is no surprise that the National Cardiovascular Registry has determined that 22.5% of all ICD implantations in the United States do not comply with Medicare guidelines. Furthermore, approximately 50% of patients who would otherwise be qualified for an ICD do not get such a device implanted.

In an effort to improve diagnosis of cardiac patients, the CMS ICD Application serves as a tool to guide a doctor through a series of “YES” or “NO” questions on patient medical history to evaluate a patient’s eligibility or ineligibility for an ICD, CRT-D, and CRT-P in a matter of minutes. With the option to place automatic reminders in the iPhone or iPad calendar, re-evaluate patients who fall into mandatory waiting periods, to send emails to the doctor & office manager to schedule follow-up appointments, or send test results to the doctor & compliance officer, the process is fully automated, standardized, and error-free.

Andrew Paul, Founder of Think Tank Medical states, “Our primary goal with the release of this free, medical application is to get it in the hands of as many doctors as possible. Our immediate objective is to help save lives, prevent non-compliant procedures and ensure patients who need an ICD, CRT-D or CRT-P get one. We hope to aid in the transformation and progressions of today’s seemingly complex healthcare industry and revolutionize the way eligibility determinations are made, in an error free manner and change the way the industry operates on a daily basis.”

He continues:

“Sudden cardiac arrest kills 250,000 people each year in the United States.
The chance of surviving an SCA event is about 5%.
We want to change that.”

The complete list of features and benefits of the CMS ICD Application can be found at

Think Tank Medical is supported by a team of dedicated professionals, and knowledgeable experts in the design, development, and marketing of healthcare-related mobile phone applications, websites, and software. Think Tank Medical distinguishes itself by creating web-enabled products and services that fully comply with CMS guidelines and guarantee significant cost reductions in an industry that is facing an increasing number of government regulations.

The experienced professionals at Think Tank Medical capitalize on the new trends in the Healthcare Industry and work to provide stakeholders with technologically advanced, yet user friendly solutions that improve the quality of healthcare. Specifically, the ultimate goal is to extend life in patients through the promotion of less invasive treatment options and earlier diagnoses.

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The CMS ICD App can be downloaded directly from iTunes by searching “CMS ICD” in iTunes or by following this link: Download the CMS ICD App.


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