Understanding Email Verification

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Understanding Email Verification

A recent study has reported that an average of 30% of email addresses change each and every year. By continually mailing to these outdated contacts, you increase the risk of being flagged as a spammer or getting blacklisted or shut down by your primary ESP (Email Services Provider).

In order to minimize this risk, we have developed a proprietary email verification software for the purpose of purging your list of invalid and undeliverable email addresses. By removing duplicates, improperly formatted emails, spam traps, habitual complainers, BOT data, and hard bounces, you can be assured that you are consistently mailing to fresh, active data.

What are the benefits of email verification?

  1. Maximize deliverability – Perhaps the biggest factor that affects the performance of your email marketing campaign is the deliverability of your emails to your target audience. Email verification plays a large role in reducing the number of bounced emails and delivery failures. We remove all hard bounces during the validation process and are able to offer a 95% accuracy guarantee.
  2. Protect your sender reputation – All major ISP’s are currently ramping up their efforts to get rid of spam and keep unsolicited mail out of the inbox, and your emails are likely to get caught by spam filters if you continue to send to outdated, co-reg data. Email verification is a great tool used to build and improve your sender reputation and avoid being blacklisted by Internet Service Providers.
  3. Save your organization money, time and resources – Why pay for emails that aren’t being delivered? Apart from the cost savings you would experience by removing bad email addresses from your mailing list, you would save time and resources that could be better utilized on other aspects of business growth. Having recently doubled our server capacity in response to the growing demand for email verification services, we are able to process larger lists in a shorter amount of time to meet your time-sensitive email campaign schedule.

What makes us different?

Unlike many other list cleaning companies out there, we validate each email address on your list to determine whether or not it can accept mail. We are able to connect to the server without ever sending an email to the recipient. With white listings in place with all major ISPs, we have the ability to validate both Yahoo and Hotmail emails without getting blocked. In addition, we are continually adding steps to our process in an effort to constantly improve our service and offer the most thorough email verification service available for those involved in email marketing.

How do I place my order?

Placing a list cleaning order online is simple, straightforward, and inexpensive.

Below is the CPM pricing chart for the list verification service. There are No Setup Fee’s. Our minimum charge for list cleaning and validation is $150.00 per list submitted.

Up To 75k $150.00
75k – 251k $2.00/CPM
251k – 501k $1.75/CPM
501k – 1MM $1.50/CPM
1MM – 5MM $1.25/CPM
5MM – 10MM $0.95/CPM
10MM – 20MM $0.85/CPM
20MM+ Special Quote


Simply click Get Started Now and follow the prompts to automatically calculate your order, process your payment, and upload your data. In approximately 1-3 business days when your list cleaning order is complete, you will be able to securely download your list of valid and invalid email addresses and begin mailing!

Let us help you improve your campaign performance and positively impact your customer relationship management techniques by making email verification a primary component in your email marketing strategy.

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