Make Your List and Check It Twice

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Holiday Email Marketing

As a savvy business owner, you know that the greatest asset your business has is its customers and business prospects. Most likely, you have been streamlining your SEO and social media outreach techniques to drive traffic to your website in an effort to generate potential new leads. However, what separates the strong from the weak is what you do with incoming traffic. Smart marketers will turn their traffic into an email list.

It’s universally acknowledged that the majority of Internet users own at least one email address. That being said, building an email list is perhaps the cheapest, most reliable, and cost-effective method to stay in touch with your prospects and existing customers.

If you rely on website traffic to generate sales, you have an all or nothing chance to entice them to convert, and no guarantees that they will revisit your site at a later date. However, with an active mailing list, you can reach out repeatedly to a loyal database of subscribers.

When “cost” becomes the primary concern in the process of building an email list, many businesses get caught in the trap of purchasing lists, thinking they can build a list overnight, start marketing to that list tomorrow, and expect a bull run of responses. If you really want to know the dangers involved in purchasing lists, refer to a recently published article, Email Marketing Rule #1: Beware of Co-Reg Data. By mailing to a list of spam traps, bad domains, habitual complainers, and hard bounces, you can kiss your IP reputation goodbye. Suddenly, you are devoting all of your time and resources to repairing your IP reputation when you could have been concentrating your efforts on building an email list the right way.

What’s the simplest way to build an email marketing list?

The best and most feasible manner of building an opt-in list is to integrate an opt-in form on your home page, your About Us page, your checkout page, and/or your blog page. Most likely, if these users have landed on one or more of these pages, they have already expressed an interest in your offerings. If they find that the content is relevant to their personal or business needs, they will be far more inclined to join your mailing list and engage in a value exchange.

Below are a few quick tips when building an opt-in form on your website:

  • If possible, place your opt-in form above the fold so that it is visible and users do not have to scroll down to find it.
  • The less information you require from your visitors to opt-in, the better. Internet users are hesitant to provide more than their first name, last name, and email address.
  • Include an incentive for those who choose to opt-in to your newsletter. If your visitors feel that they will receive something in return by handing over their email address, they are more inclined to do so.

Here is a more thorough list of Tips for Building a High Quality Email List and Newsletter Following.

If you have already collected a good size mailing list of opt-in users, don’t think you can start mailing quite yet. Over time, email addresses become obsolete and invalid. To preserve your sender reputation, and keep the flow of your email newsletter going to the recipients inbox, it’s always a good idea to clean your email list beforehand. Otherwise, you will send it out only to find that a large percentage of them are duplicates, invalid syntax emails, complainers, outdated emails, and hard bounces (dead emails). As a result, you are faced with the risk of being blocked. Not a great way to start your New Year fresh, huh?

Before you invest in an email list cleaning service online, ask detailed questions about their process. Pick up the phone and call them. Ask very detailed questions. Don’t be afraid to ask the specific questions on how their service actually works. Does the service actually send an email to each email address on your list to determine if it is valid? Does the service abide by its accuracy guarantee? Does the service even offer any type of guarantee? Is the company who provides the service a guy sitting in his underwear at his kitchen table or a real, legitimate business with a fully functional, well written and detailed website and does the company have an excellent reputation? Are they rated by the Better Business Bureau? Do they have ratings from previous customers and clients? In the simplest terms; do your homework.

Kris Kringle was a smart man. Not only does he make a list every year, but he checks it…twice.

We invite you to enhance the performance of your customer database through the most thorough,  reliable and experienced email validation company and services available.

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