Hotel Marketing: The Missing Link

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Hotel Marketing

How to Market Your Luxury Hotel Property

As we are all feeling the economy’s pinch, it’s no wonder that revenues for luxury hotel chains are on the decline. As hotel owners are struggling to meet capacity, they are now faced with a choice to either cut their prices significantly or to put their marketing hats on and think outside the box. Perhaps when broadly branding their properties with ads placed in magazines or on travel sites aren’t working like they used to, alternative marketing solutions might be the answer.

When tightening the belt and discounting the room rates seems like the most obvious solution, many marketing managers don’t realize that they are also damaging their brand reputation at the same time. As bargain rates become the norm in the mind of the consumer, these “luxury” hotel chains become not so luxurious after all.

Furthermore, some marketing managers will make the erroneous decision to slash their advertising budgets altogether. In an article that I wrote on February 28th, 2011 entitled, When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Do Not Cut Their Advertising Expenses, I discuss the ramifications of cutting marketing expenses during a credit crunch, as doing so opens the doors for competitors to take front stage.

You may be heavily involved in hotel marketing, and feel as though you are in a rut and not equipped with the proper resources to cut through the clutter of the more well-known hotel brands out there.

An often overlooked advertising platform is email marketing to third-party email lists to promote hotel or travel offers. Based on published statistics and industry experience, email marketing has become the simplest and most inexpensive way to broaden the reach to an audience of travelers in an effort to generate new reservations. What better way to capture the attention of your target market than to deliver your message right to their inbox?

Email Answers has an extensive opt-in database of over 3.1 MM frequent travelers that allow hotel chains to streamline their hotel and travel offers to attract visitors from locations worldwide. Given that these consumers and business decision makers have indicated an interest in travel-related offers, we are able to average between an 18%-35% open rate with CTR’s of over 5% using a well-crafted email. However, the true indicator of a successful email campaign lies in the ROI achieved from the bookings and reservations made. Part of our offering after each email deployment is to conduct a conversion study analysis to determine how many people booked at your specific hotel or resort actually came from the email campaign that was deployed. Generating an average ROI of 10 to 1 from all hotel marketing campaigns, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

OK, so what’s involved and how do you get started?

As long as you design an eye-catching HTML email, use short, relevant, and enticing subject lines, and craft a simple and focused message, you will likely reap the benefits of targeted email marketing. Your journey begins with one step. Email Answers is here to help guide your way. Find out how to get started.

Email Answers estimates that in 2012, we will have generated $10 to 12 $14.3 million in hotel room reservation income in 2012 and $16.7 Million in 2013, which does not include additional income earned from hotel guests staying at the property, from a spend of $1-1.2 million in email marketing expenses.

Updated: April 11, 2014

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