NEWS: Announces a New “ESP Alliance Program” For Email Service Providers to Ensure Compliance and Improve Retention of Clients Who Do Not Conform Within Email Sending Guidelines

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BOCA RATON, FL – June 17, 2012  EmailAnswers.Com, a recognized industry leader and provider of email validation, list cleaning and verification services, has announced an ESP Alliance Program which will assist (ESPs), Email Service Providers in an effort to take action against reducing spam, spam complaints and to protect the integrity of the email service providers IP Reputation caused by non-compliant customers.

Most legitimate ESPs around the globe oftentimes have a no-tolerance policy for customers who deploy email campaigns to their email list and generate above average complaints, send to spam seeds or to email addresses that do not exist. Those who do not abide by these policies are therefore subject to immediate suspension from use of that particular ESP’s services. In an effort to develop long-lasting relationships between companies and their ESPs, EmailAnswers.Com has established partnerships with ESPs who mandate that their customers perform list cleaning and validation prior to mailing, if red flags have been raised in regards to their hard bounce or complaint ratios. EmailAnswers.Com has developed a proprietary list cleaning platform to scrub email lists of spam keywords, hard bounces, habitual complainers, bad domains, spam seeds, honeypots and undeliverable email data to maximize deliverability and protect the ESP sender’s IP reputation. Most ESP’s lose 8% – 14% of their customer base due to non-compliance of email list cleanliness, exceeding acceptable complaint ratios or too many hard bounces.

Serena Paul, Managing Director EmailAnswers.Com comments, “Our list cleaning and validation has become such a critical component in the process of email marketing to both safeguard an ESP or companies IP sender reputation and to reduce overall complaint ratios and marketing costs due to undeliverable emails and dealing with the cleanup caused by customers who are sending emails to individuals who do not want to receive them.” She hints at the heightened demand of this service through the mention of Email Answer’s new ESP Alliance Program. “In order to accommodate the time-sensitive needs of our customers, we have developed this program to assist ESP’s in retaining customers who would normally be suspended or banned from their network due to many of the issues that come with not having a “clean” email list.”

ESP’s and large marketing companies can email or call 561.826.6001 for additional information in regards to this new program.

EmailAnswers.Com is an ESP, experienced strategy, marketing, data and email publisher that specializes in Internet business development, email data hygiene, email marketing, Internet advertising and lead generation. Email Answers has achieved recognition for its award-winning technology for email list cleaning and validation services, having recently doubled its server capacity to feed this overwhelming demand and need in the marketplace. Email Answers consistently helps customers achieve cost-effective solutions that combine innovative designs with powerful, functional technology.

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