Have You Ever Seen A Purple Cow?

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Unless you have taken one too many pills in your day, I would go out on a limb and say that you have never seen a real, live purple cow. However, imagine that you are traveling in the countryside of Podunk Town, USA, and you stumble across a herd of cows, all passing either to the right and left of you. Say, for instance, one of them happens to be purple. Would you notice it? Advertising in this day and age is most successful for companies that craft messages unlike anything else. Consumers are bombarded with advertisements through unlimited methods of outreach every minute and every hour of every day. Seth Godin, an entrepreneur and distinguished author of topics related to permission-based marketing is known for his discussions related to the legend of the purple cow and how critical it is to create advertisements worth making a remark about. Creating bland, mundane, and undifferentiated advertisements is about as worthwhile as working out and then immediately eating a half gallon of Blue Bell’s mint chocolate chip ice cream. Although you may feel like your efforts should be rewarded, you are effectively doing more damage than good. You should have just quit while you were ahead.

You may incorrectly assume that as long as you advertise and get your message out there, you are doing everything right. However, we all know what happens when you assume things. When people don’t come knocking on your door demanding more information about you, you are doing something wrong. Period.

Take a long and hard look at your past email marketing campaigns. Are you sending just a bunch of garbage all jumbled together that is supposed to function as an advertisement? Are your subject lines just plain boring? Does your landing page look like my 4 year old cousin could design something better?

It’s all about going against the grain of expectations and delivering something truly noteworthy. Think about this: Movies played in theaters that experience genuine praise from the critics are always the ones that have an unexpected twist at the end and really make the viewer reflect on his or her own life. The same thing goes for advertising. Instead of giving everything away in your email creative, make your customers itch for more information in order to understand how your product or service will make their lives easier. Your email creative should function as a teaser that entices the email recipient to request additional information on your website. Your landing page is ideally where you will sell your product or service or encourage unique visitors to sign up for something.

When thinking about deploying your next email marketing campaign, remember that white cows with black spots are overrated, and purple cows are all the rage.

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