How Many Employees at LinkedIn Does it Take to Screw in a Light Bulb?

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Only one to screw it up.

Not to throw the people at LinkedIn under the bus, but stupid mistakes should never happen. Regardless of the size of the company deploying email marketing campaigns, it takes the carelessness of one person to jeopardize an entire campaign.

Today I received an email from LinkedIn ironically, inviting me back to LinkedIn Ads for a limited time offer with a $100 free credit. However, upon scrolling down the email, I noticed that the $100 credit expired over a month before I even received the email. Talk about a waste of a campaign! What is my incentive to spend money with LinkedIn if all that I receive is a $100 credit that I can’t even use? Can I even trust LinkedIn with my advertising dollars knowing that they don’t even proofread their email before hitting send?

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This is not just a problem faced by LinkedIn. It happens to all companies out there, from those with 2 employees to those with upwards of 5,000 employees or more. Unfortunately, our inboxes are flooded with emails with such blatant, obvious mistakes that you almost want to question the legitimacy of the company name that appears in the “from” line.

Although it is easy to place the blame on the entire company, it is in fact the individual running the email marketing campaign that is responsible for such a huge blunder.

If you decide to invest in an email marketing campaign, would you leave the entire fate of its success up to one person? Or would you prefer to make it more of a collaborative effort to ensure that more eyes are involved on the project and the room for error is eliminated?

At Email Answers, our lives are centered on organizing email campaigns from the beginning stages of email creative design to assisting with ROI calculations after the campaign has launched. Before any email campaign is set to deploy, we always test the email to the inbox of a select number of email recipients to ensure that the design, layout, images, formatting, and text content of the email creative appear correctly and that all of the links embedded within the advertisement function properly.

What may seem like a minor mistake can have a major impact on your brand reputation. Don’t leave it to one individual to damage your company’s carefully crafted email marketing strategy.

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One Response to How Many Employees at LinkedIn Does it Take to Screw in a Light Bulb?

  1. Eric Hardenbrook says:

    Interesting to see the power of social media at work. The days of one employees misstep not creating ripples in the pond are over. Welcome to the need for reputation management, as well as several eyes on the seemingly mundane tasks.