So How Does It Feel To Get Rejected?

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Let’s take a walk down memory lane. Do you recall the time that you approached the girl or guy of your dreams and you weren’t given the time of day? What about that time you interviewed for your dream job and was shown the door and told not to let it hit you in the behind on your way out? If you have experienced any of the above mentioned scenarios or have gone through something similar, you know how it feels to be rejected, and I bet it didn’t feel good. Rejection is a fact of life and a part of just about anything and everything you do, so we must determine ways to lessen the blow and decrease the number of rejections we face in the span of a day, week, month, or even a lifetime.

If you consider email marketing, for instance, you will notice that rejection comes in several forms – those who blatantly ignore your emails, those who report them as “spam,” or those who unsubscribe from your list altogether. When you experience any of these forms of rejection when you launch an email campaign, do you wonder what it is that you did wrong? Perhaps what you could do better next time to make your customers pay attention to you?

In order to answer the questions posed above, it is necessary to address the top reasons why people unsubscribe in the first place.

1.       You are sending your emails too often. – Equally important as getting your brand name out there is making sure that you are not overwhelming your audience with emails sent too frequently. Who wants their inboxes flooded with multiple emails from the same company, anyway?

2.      You are not sending your emails often enough. – You must find an appropriate balance here. Too many emails sent to your customers is just as damaging to your reputation as too few. A friendly reminder about a company offer or a newsletter sent once a year might not be enough to seal the deal. You must continue to monitor your email campaign effectiveness over a long term basis to determine the ideal frequency with which to send emails.

3.      Your offer looks identical to every other offer that makes its way to the recipient’s inbox. – If I get two emails in the same day that seem far too similar to one another in terms of what they offer, it is more likely that I will unsubscribe from both rather than waste my time trying to determine the difference between them.

4.      Your message is boring or repetitive and not worth the time of day. – If I have to scroll a mile down the page to see your entire advertisement, I will get bored to tears before I finish reading the first paragraph. Your goal in building and designing an email creative is to tease them with the advertisement, which should entice them to click and visit your landing page for further information. Therefore, if you capture the main points in short, digestible chunks of information and surround the text with attractive, eye-catching images, your email campaign will be far more effective in retaining your current customer base and driving new customers to your website.

5.      The content of the email is irrelevant to the recipient’s interests. – If I get another email about affordable carpet cleaning solutions, I think I might scream. Living in an apartment that is furnished entirely with wood floors, affordable carpet cleaning solutions provides me nothing of value. It is all about connecting with those who have expressed an interest in your offerings rather than those who foresee no benefit in reading what you have to say.

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