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Do you remember how you were perceived when you were in high school? Were you that girl that everybody loved to hate? Or hated to love? Were you that guy that couldn’t ever get a date because you were too busy with your nose in your AP chemistry book every Friday and Saturday night? I remember those days when your reputation was more or less the only thing you cared about as you got dressed every morning before 1st period. For some people, having a good reputation was never in the cards, when no amount of makeup could cover a bad case of acne, or when being picked last in the lineup to play kickball in gym class was more so a rule rather than an exception. I bet you’re thinking, what does my high school reputation have to do with Internet Marketing, and Email Marketing in particular? In fact, you can draw certain parallels between the two.

The most prized element of your email marketing strategy is what is called your “sender reputation.” It is highly critical to establish a good reputation and relationship with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) from the get-go if you plan to continue marketing via email in the future. You can ruin your sender reputation by sending a large number of emails to invalid and undeliverable email addresses. Unfortunately, you may not realize your sender reputation is in jeopardy until it’s too late – until your ISP blocks you from sending mass email, or worse, shuts you down completely. If you are brand new to email marketing or if you are a small business eager to drive new traffic to your website, being well-informed of the role that your sender reputation plays in the success of your email marketing strategy is key.

Your high school reputation and your sender reputation have more in common than you think. However, while your reputation when you were in high school may not haunt you for the rest of your life, your sender reputation will. Knowing that your company lives and breathes by its sender reputation, why risk it by sending emails to invalid, undeliverable, seed, duplicate, or BOT email data? Not only are you wasting your money by deploying your email campaign to email addresses that are outdated or nonexistent, you are damaging your relationship with your ISP. If you have reaped the benefits of email marketing in the past, you will agree that continuing to communicate with current and prospective consumers via email on a frequent basis is critical to the future success of your business.

Lucky for you, there is a relatively inexpensive solution that is guaranteed to improve your email deliverability, enhance your reputation with all major ISPs, and save you money in the long haul. Unfortunately, a vast majority of companies who incorporate email marketing into their overall marketing plan overlook this crucial step in the process. My conjecture as to why companies are foregoing this cost-saving opportunity is because it is not a well-advertised or well-known solution for those new to email marketing.

Now, your question might be, “If I want to start or continue to mail to the masses to get better online exposure and increase awareness of my products and services, how can I ensure that I won’t ever be blocked, shut down, or blacklisted by my Internet Service Provider?” This is a daunting question that small family-owned businesses and large enterprise mailers alike struggle with time and time again, but the answer is quite plain and simple. Email List Cleaning and Validation is one of the most effective methods of protecting your sender reputation by scrubbing bad emails from your customer database, whether they be complainers, emails that continue to bounce back, spam emails, or black list/bogus domains. Frequently cleaning your list will protect your sender reputation for years to come. Furthermore, it’s the email validation that is the most important part of the cleaning process. There are very few list cleaning companies out there that will go the extra mile to verify that each email on your list is valid and can accept mail. Knowing the value of email verification, we at Email Answers can guarantee a 95% guarantee on the accuracy of the list cleaning service that we provide.

Your sender reputation is a reputation that will last beyond your high school graduation, and it’s never too early to start clean.

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