The Relationship Between Super Bowl Sunday and Email Marketing

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To the dismay of my father-in-law, the thought of the upcoming Super Bowl does little to get me excited. To me, it’s a day filled with social drinking, eating things that are not necessarily on my diet, and catching up with old friends. For someone not that blown away by men in bulky uniforms slamming into one another, my thoughts turn to how creative the half time show will be and more importantly, how creative the commercials will be. As one who is immersed in the world of marketing and advertising on a day to day basis, I realize the role that creativity plays in grabbing the attention and interest of a mass audience.

This all brings to mind the power of advertising and the many discussions I have had about targeting. Most people come to publishers and advertisers with very specific ideas of who they believe their target audience to be, where they are located, how much money they make, and what they had for breakfast that morning. My argument, more often than not, is that the audience is much broader than one might think. Look at the Super Bowl advertisements, for example. One would assume that they would all be targeted primarily to dedicated sports enthusiasts. Acknowledging the fact that the Super Bowl audience is varied and diverse, advertisers should not be limited by the subject of their message. Super Bowl commercials run the gamut of topics, from consumer goods like Pepsi, Snickers, or Chevrolet to a myriad of different services, like GoDaddy, E*Trade, or FedEx. Considering that the commercials have a 30-60 second window, they better be amusing and make an impact in the time they have, so that I will remember and talk about it beyond that moment.

Email marketing works the same way. A vast majority of the world recognizes email as a valuable communicative tool and uses it on a daily basis. Similar to Super Bowl audiences, users of email have different demographic and psychographic profiles.  When advertising your products or services via email, why strain your marketing budget by promoting your brand to an extremely targeted subset of the population when you have the ability to spread your message to general consumers nationwide for a fraction of the cost? Advertising during the Super Bowl is highly effective because it is the most watched television broadcast of the year by consumers of different backgrounds and lifestyle preferences. Email marketing is equally effective because of its universal use and appeal. The target market for your product or service may be specific, but try and realize that if your content is good, appealing, eye catching and delivers a good message, it will be remembered and ultimately passed on.

On Super Bowl Sunday, notice those sitting at the edge of their seats screaming and hollering as their team is about to score the winning touchdown versus those like me who are far more distracted by the Doritos on the table. The only thing I have in common with the loud and obnoxious guy next to me is the fact that we are both watching the Super Bowl and we both use the same email service provider. Next time you deploy an email campaign, attention to the creativity and aesthetic appeal of your advertisement should be a greater priority than limiting your outreach to a select group of consumers.

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