Which Marketing Platform is Right for Your Business?

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There are limitless options when it comes to marketing your company’s products or services. However, choosing the right medium to disseminate your message requires attention to several different variables. Consider the main advantages and limitations when it comes to these seven most popular media platforms.


Many businesses are attracted to television advertising for the sole reason that it is a highly visual medium. Television is, by far, the best marketing platform that allows you to perform product demonstrations and reach a mass audience on either a local or national scale. The ability to incorporate sight, sound, and movement into your advertisement allows perspective consumers to immerse themselves into your brand and into your unique product offerings.

However, when was the last time you turned on the television to watch commercials? Are you similar to the millions of people worldwide who prefer to do anything OTHER than watching commercials during commercial breaks? Television advertising is only effective if you are able to air your 30-second spot on multiple occasions. Who has the funds necessary to cover the ever-increasing creative, production, and airtime costs associated with television advertising? Sounds a little costly to broadcast a fleeting message with no way of tracking audience response rates.


With the ability to choose the size and placement of your advertisement in newspaper, you are guaranteed to reach your specified target market. Also, if you decide on Thursday or Friday to run an advertisement in the Sunday paper, you are likely able to do so. Unlike television, it’s not like your message is there one second and gone the next. Readers have the ability to come back to it if they so choose or pass it along to their close friends and family members for repeated brand exposure.

However, as one who just graduated from college, I stand by my professors who have constantly articulated that newspapers are a dying medium among the new generation. I’d personally rather sit in front of my computer or my television on Sunday mornings than bury myself in a cluttered, advertisement-filled newspaper that I cannot even properly hold long enough to read a single headline. Why spend so much money advertising in a newspaper when the majority of your customers prefer the online versions of their favorite newspaper publications?


Talk about targeted advertising! I am always astounded at the number of different magazine titles that reflect such a broad range of individual hobbies and interests. Embedding your advertisement in a colorful, vibrant publication characteristic of high pass-along readership is an effective way to enable your brand to stand out from competition.

Apart from the credibility and prestige of magazines, advertising in this medium does not come without its downfalls. Consider the long lead time to place your advertisement in your magazine of choice. Who knows if the print advertisement you create today will be relevant to magazine readers in your target market months from now? Unless you are a legendary trend forecaster or you have a magic crystal ball that can predict detailed market conditions months into the future, you may not be so willing to pay exorbitant fees for a magazine advertisement with no guarantee of good placement.

Direct Mail

If you are looking for an advertising platform that delivers customization and personalization, direct mail is the way to go. Crafting a direct mail piece that is tailored to the interests of your personal mailing list ensures that you are reaching your most valuable customers who have made purchases in the past and are likely to give you continued business in the future. In addition, you are placing your advertisement in the hands of your most prized customers without being overshadowed by competitors.

At the same time, you must be prepared to spend a pretty penny to deliver direct mail to each individual on your mailing list. Furthermore, while you may be reaching past customers, your likelihood of reaching new prospective consumers and exposing your company’s products or services to an untapped market that might be interested in pursuing a business relationship with you is slim to none.


Outdoor advertising, whether you advertise on a billboard, at a bus station, at a gas station, or at any other outdoor location, presents you the opportunity to flex your creative muscle and make a statement. You are able to determine the ideal placement of your advertisement that you feel gets a significant amount of traffic and will generate the highest return on your investment. Promoting your product or service via outdoor advertising guarantees repeat exposure and minimal competition.

On the other hand, unless you place your outdoor advertisement in a crowded, tourist area, you are likely disseminating your message to the same subset of the population so much that these individuals become immune to it. If you are fortunate enough to get prime placement in a high-traffic area, you are likely paying a premium to do so. Lastly, you must be well-versed in the local and federal regulations that often limit your outreach options when it comes to outdoor advertising.


As a cheaper alternative to television advertising, radio advertising enables you to reap the benefits of using music and voices to accurately reflect your product offering. You are providing prospective consumers the opportunity to feel involved in your advertisement and are guaranteed that you are holding their attention during morning, daytime, and afternoon commutes. For low negotiable rates, you are capable of attaching a live, animated personality to an inanimate brand name.

However, radio advertising is short-lived. If a customer is distracted for even a second and misses a vital piece of information needed to make a buying decision, you have essentially wasted your advertising dollars. Furthermore, consumers in this day and age like to channel surf and simply do not have the patience to sit through a radio advertisement from beginning to end.


As media usage patterns are continuously moving in the direction of the Internet, there is little room to doubt the effectiveness of online advertising. Even though there tends to be more and more clutter on the Internet, there are limitless informational websites, online publications, blogs, and scholarly articles that you can advertise on that will be relevant to the interests of your target audience. What differentiates online advertising is its ability to offer greater measurability and efficiency than any other marketing platform.

This broad category of online advertising also includes email marketing, which offers all of the major advantages of the previously described marketing platforms. It is one of the most cost-effective platforms that delivers calculated results in a matter of days. Email marketing enables you to deliver personalization to mass audiences in a timely fashion, while tracking the effectiveness of your email campaign in real-time. The unique ability of mail sent electronically allows recipients to forward email advertisements to close friends and family members likely to make online purchases. Let Email Answers help you deploy a customized, targeted email campaign to our extensive database of consumers who have indicated an interest in your offerings.

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