Visualizing Your Target Market

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If you are considering deploying a national email marketing campaign, wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly who uses email? Knowing the demographic profile of a typical email user would enable you to create an advertisement that is relevant to their particular interests. By blindly crafting an advertisement that you feel would appeal to the general public, you are essentially saying that your product or service is desired by anyone and everyone living in the geographical confines of the United States. Who is to say that a farmer living in the Deep South struggling to make payments to keep his farm afloat is going to buy the same products as a well-to-do New York investment banker living in the Upper East Side? You may say that your product is “universal” because it is something that everyone consumes on a daily basis. However, this is not the case. Take toothbrushes for instance. Is it effective to market a discounted disposable toothbrush to a wealthy New Yorker? What about marketing a dentist-recommended electric toothbrush to the struggling farmer incapable of making monthly payments? This faulty assumption that your brand will appeal to everyone translates into wasted advertising dollars. In an economy in which businesses cannot afford to make marketing decisions that don’t give you your desired ROI, you may want to reconsider marketing to the general public.

Based on research and experience, a typical email user is a white female between the ages of 18-29 with an interest in higher education and in earning a stable income. While this is all well and good, exercise your creativity by assigning a name and lifestyle characteristics to this typical email consumer.

Let’s start with an example. Amanda Forbes is a 25 year old young professional who graduated with a Business Administration degree from Florida Atlantic University. She has finally reached the stage in her life where she is established in her career path, earning now over $75,000 per year. She has a “go getter” mentality and is actively looking for a permanent residence, a life partner, and maybe a dog or two to fill up her free time. She
has the disposable income necessary to keep up to date with technology, to frequent nice restaurants with her friends, family members, and colleagues, and perhaps even to plan week-long vacations in Mexico.

Taking the given characteristics of the most active Internet users based on a little demographic research and making them come alive works to help you envision your consumer so that you are well-equipped to target your campaign to their specific interests. Having this visual in mind will ensure that your creative is relevant to every Amanda Forbes out there interested in your product or service.

Take a second and look at all the email list databases we at Email Answers use to target your company’s email campaign by clicking on the “Services” tab and then
clicking on “Email Marketing Master File.” Simply let us know what interests align with those of your specific target market, and we will take care of the rest.

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