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Some underestimate the value of an email marketing campaign, simply because they synonymize “commercial email” with “spam.” But be careful not to fall into this trap and forego the opportunity to bring awareness to your company brand. It has been proven that consumers are far more likely to click on links in email marketing advertisements than on links embedded in banner or online video advertisements. According to a study conducted by ForeSee Results, 64% of online consumers agree that permission-based emails are their favorite method of receiving promotional messages while only 8% prefer receiving them from social media sites. So why not explore this cost-effective digital marketing platform?

Here are the top 3 reasons why email marketing can deliver you exactly what you are looking for.

1. You have complete control over your message and the ability to customize it according to your own company’s marketing objectives. When do you want to deploy your campaign? What do you want your subject line to say? Who do you want to send it to? Millions of people worldwide? Or to consumers who live only in West Palm Beach? The ability to deliver your message to the right consumers at a time when they are likely to make a purchase is absolutely critical to your campaign’s effectiveness.

2. You have the ability to track your results in real-time. Monitoring your results enables you to test and re-test your campaign to determine which advertisement and which time of day tends to bring you the most customers. By constantly evaluating past results and improving your creative outreach technique, you are on your way toward attaining more loyal, repeat customers.

3. It’s cheap! What’s the point of straining your marketing budget to host a print or television advertisement that offers you no way of knowing how many people happen to stumble upon it or if the advertisement is even relevant to them? Email marketing is a cost-effective method used to increase your ROI and to establish valuable relationships with your specified target market.

Talk about getting the best bang for your buck! Give your advertisements the personalized touch that more expensive outreach alternatives can’t compete with. Email Answers offers a permission-based email marketing platform to reach those tech-savvy Internet users with the buying power to make immediate purchasing decisions.

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