Is Social Media Really Killing the Email Platform?

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As a recent college graduate trying to find a job in this seemingly stagnant economy, I made sure to enter a booming industry – one that would not die out in the midst of technological innovation. I made my move to the world of email marketing.

As a member of Generation Y, I grew up being able to surf the Internet on my mobile phone as a freshman in college. I was a high school sophomore when Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook and I lived through the birth of social media. The rise of this unique communication platform left many to wonder: what does this mean for email?

There is often a misconception that social media has essentially killed the email platform. It is only logical, then, to ask why on earth I would enter an industry that is doomed to fail within the next few years?

I am here to tell you that before the age of social media, email was useless to me. I communicated with people via in person or on the phone. Social media has effectively changed the communication landscape and has led to the creation of “virtual relationships.” I now have Facebook friends that I know through their affiliation with networks that I belong to, yet who I have never even seen face to face.

As written communication is becoming the preferred method of contact in both personal and professional relationships, email correspondence is now a more attractive channel to get messages and ideas across to those that matter. In fact, according to a recent eMarketer report entitled “Social Media Is Not Killing Email,” a survey suggested that social media users are far more likely to check their email four or more times per day.

Email has always been here, and it’s not going away anytime soon. That’s why I chose to be a part of this growing industry, and that’s why I’m here to stay.

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