Don’t Fear Spam Complaints

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Losing a customer or having someone opt-out of an email marketing list is a fact of life and so is a spam complaint. Nothing says “f-off” better than a spam complaint. For whatever reason, these individuals think complaining or sending a spam complaint will do something different than merely unsubscribing them from a list.

Why do people complain?

Is it because they don’t like the content of the email message?

Is it because they are not sure who the message is from?

Obviously making sure you aren’t sending inappropriate or annoying campaigns to your list is a good start. Individually, spam complaints measure subscriber dissatisfaction better than any other metric we have. If complaints spiral upwards every time you send a message, you are clearly doing something wrong. You have stepped outside the boundaries of your subscribers’ expectations, and they are casting their votes to tell you that. Don’t fear the spam complaint; instead, learn from it, act on it and use it to improve your email marketing program.


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