Why email marketing is the cheapest, easiest and quickest way to drive large volumes of traffic. (When done correctly)

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A Comparison of Email Marketing VS. PPC
I have been in the internet marketing industry for 10+ years. I have seen it grow to an immense industry in a very short amount of time and implode. I have seen hundreds of companies come and go. I was here when the bubble burst and am still here helping companies generate traffic with the best possible ROI. Quality email marketing campaigns are, hands down, the best way to drive targeted traffic to your website or offering. You may argue that Google or search engine PPC traffic is a better way to drive traffic, but I would disagree based on the cost and volumes. Let’s do a little math together and see what the results look like.

For this example, I am going to use a program we have called the “Guaranteed Opens Program.” It’s pretty simple to understand. You only pay for email that is delivered to a user’s inbox, opened and read. This program is a great value when compared to a CPM campaign, where if the ESP’s delivery is not good, it could cost you .25 – .50 cents per inbox delivered, opened and read email. The cost of our Guaranteed Opens Program is about .02 -.03 per open, based on volume. Our smallest program for B2C is 35,000 guaranteed opens and it costs $1250.00.

Now the math: 35,000 opens (emails delivered to the user’s inbox, opened and read) cost $1250.00. Please keep in mind that we have to send a much larger amount of email just to get the 35,000 emails delivered to the user’s inbox, opened and read.

If your average open to click rate is 7%, which in this case would be 2,450 clicks to your website, this means that a new visitor to your website would cost you roughly .51 cents. Obviously, you can do the math based on your click to conversion ratio and come up with the actual cost of the new lead, sale or inquiry you would get from this to complete the analysis. Spending .51 cents per click to drive a new customer to your website is pretty cheap when compared to what PPC costs are on Google, Yahoo and many of the other PPC search engines.

Let’s compare a few PPC costs for Google on some pretty high traffic keywords for US only traffic. The costs listed below are for positions 1-3 on Google:

  • Debt $10.10 – $13.77
  • Online Education $4.72 – $6.86
  • Payday Loan $5.56 – $6.95
  • Cash Advance $5.32 – $6.65
  • Buy Gold $2.26 – $2.90
  • Dating $1.91 – $2.39

According to the above stats, to get the same 2,450 clicks from Google, it would cost you approximately $26,950 for “debt” traffic and for the keyword “cash advance”, it would cost you approximately $14,700. There are many variables that can come into play with any marketing campaign but the numbers above should give you a little insight and speak for themselves.

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