Should you use a Professional Email Marketing Company or do it yourself?

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Email Marketing StrategyIn order to start a successful email marketing campaign, you must first have email addresses. To gather those email addresses, you need to add a “sign up” page to your website and invite visitors to sign up to receive your emails. Any trade show promotion, offer, or giveaway should be tied to collecting a prospect’s email address. This way of gathering data is referred to as a permission based optin email and is necessary to fall within the guidelines of Can Spam Compliance, a Federal Law which dictates how you can market via email. In-person leads are also valuable. Do not forget to ask prospects for their business cards.

Quality trumps quantity.
Your success starts with a sparkling clean, completely law-abiding list of email addresses. The worst thing that can happen to an email marketer is being flagged as a spammer or even worse, getting “blacklisted” from an entire internet provider because you are emailing to people who have not given you permission to send them emails. Make sure anyone you send an email to has either given you the green light to send (given you their email address), or is someone you have an existing business relationship with. Quality trumps quantity in the email marketing world. There are no exceptions.

Start simple.
Send clean, simple, single message emails touting a single product or service and then track the results. Start by sending to a small list, making one modification at a time, to see what works best for your audience. Test time, content, message, and images, but again, test one thing at a time. If you make more than one change, you will not be able to determine what works best. Did the email you send on Monday at 3 p.m. get the same results as one sent at 10 a.m. on Tuesday? When you added your promotion to your subject line, did that help or hurt your open rates? Did a link to a specific page on your website cause more activity than a link to your home page?

Send a different message to different industries or customers you know are interested in specific services and watch response rates change. Send your main customers one offer and your offset customers another. Your main customers are those who bring you the greater percentage of your business, and your offset customers are those who bring you the remainder.

You need to maintain the health of your emails. Things like tagging as junk email, junk email reporting, and changing email addresses can render your database unhealthy. You need to keep your email database healthy so you can be sure that your prospects are getting your emails. For more information on data hygiene, email list cleaning and validation, you can review the five step process for optimum deliverability by visiting this link

Keeping up with trends.
Things are never stagnant in any business, and email marketing is no exception. You need to keep an eye for new trends and learn more about email marketing to see what is best for you and what gets you noticed in crowded inboxes. There is plenty of information on this, but going to the experts, who can lead you in the right direction, may give you more bang for your buck since it is something that they do on a daily basis.

Using a Professional Email Marketing Company is your key to fast results in this area. However, make sure you do your research on the company you choose to help you. There are many out there and of course, like in any business, there are the good, the bad and the ugly. Check out the players. Make sure they have a good reputation and stand by their word. Do they deliver what they promise? If pricing is too good to be true, it usually means that things might not be what they seem.

Those are only some of the questions you need to research before you choose an Email Marketing service. Email Answer’s email marketing service is an easy, cost effective way to manage your email marketing campaigns. Instead of buying potentially ineffective bulk email addresses, Email Answers will email your creative to a targeted audience that you choose from their categorized database (see all categories here). In addition, Email Answers offers a “Guaranteed Opens Program” to ensure your email advertisement gets delivered to a users inbox and help to make a successful email marketing campaign.

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